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  • Sitac Tower

    Build towers neatly without any problems

  • Civil & Contractor

    Build large projects in a structured and can be done neatly and consistently

  • Server Osp & Isp

    Build and organize server layouts neatly without any obstacles

  • Managed Service

    Service management that is being repaired / service maintenance to be more structured and well programmed


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Consistent with the vision and values of the founders, we strive to strengthen the world’s industrial base through the effective utilization of staff and materials. The means that are expected to be achieved.

  • Special Team

    Committed to helping its clients achieve their goals, to personalize their experience.

  • True Partner

    Our strong sense of identification with client projects means that we keep fighting.

  • Global Knowledge

    They are not aware. we adopt a progressive approach to technology and marketing techniques.

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    This sense of identification also means we value and promote seamless interactions.

Our Solutions

Perfect Solutions For Any Industrials

Civil & Construction

Provide solutions ranging from repair, installation and maintenance of mechanical systems. Offers a complete range of electrical engineering capabilities backed by its skilled engineers.

Sitac & Tower

Providing integrated and efficient communication technology services, measurement technology services, telecommunication infrastructure. Provides a simple, accurate and accelerated measuring tool.

Managed Service

Provide solutions for carrying out a series of jobs and work supervision so that the atmosphere in the work becomes directed and organized

Server Isp & Osp

Planning and managing company resources Using servers, in the form of integrated program packages and multi-module programs designed to serve and support various functions within the company.

How do we work?

We will do the planning and design first before working

our project

We provide solution and services of FTTx/FTTH Project rollout and Home connection. FTTx (Fiber to the x) is a collective term for various optical fiber delivery topologies that are categorized according to where the fiber terminates. FTTH (fiber to the home) deployment, optical cabling terminates at the individual home or business.

we are engaged in telecommunications work where the network is fast using fiber optic cables with fiber optics

We are also engaged in networking where we partner with network providers such as First Media, Oxygen, Mnc and so on

we also participate in solving problems between providers by fixing problems in maintenance


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Long Cable


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determine a good product, and the right and balanced price

Fusion Splicer

tool for connecting ftth and fttx cables

Fiber Cleaver

a cutting tool that cuts the end surface of an optical fiber. Applications for fiber optic cleaners include networking and telecommunications

Optical power meter

An optical power meter is a device used to measure the power in an optical signal

Optical Fiber Identifier

For this one tool has a function to be able to know the direction of the signal with the directions and the amount of power that has been passed

Fiber Stripper

Fiber stripper is a tool that functions to peel optical fiber from the outer shell to the core

Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

a tool used to detect a community or group of fiber optic cables within a certain distance

Fiber Optic Adapter

a component used to connect/connect fiber optic cables to one another

Fiber Optic Splitter

a passive optical component that can divide the incident light beam into two or more light beams, and vice versa. The device contains multiple inputs and output ends

Optical Distribution Frame

Fiber optic cable termination point, as a place of transition from outdoor fiber optic cable to indoor fiber optic cable and vice versa

Pigtail Fiber Optic

a 1 core fiber optic cable, which has a certain length, where one end has been fitted with an FO connector while the other end without an FO connector

Patch Cord

fiber optic cable with a certain length that has a connector attached at the end. Used to connect between devices or communications

Cable Drop Wire

cable that connects the Distribution Point with a rosette or KTB (Boundary Terminal Box) or TB (Terminal Box)